Shattering Assumptions: Wyoming Cities with Growing Black Populations!

Wyoming is home to a wide variety of settlements and is renowned for its vast vistas and rich cultural tapestry. We explore the cities where African American citizens are paving their own way and influencing the destiny of the state in this article.

This piece examines the colorful black communities that add to Wyoming’s distinctive mosaic, from the busy streets of Cheyenne to the sleepy corners of Cody.

Come us as we showcase the diverse communities setting the standard for 2024 and learn what makes each one a flourishing African American community.


The population of Rawlins, a small town tucked away in its peaceful surroundings, is 8,287, which captures the peaceful pace of this community.

Within its borders, diversity adds richness to the population’s fabric; 2.4% of its citizens are African Americans. The town’s welcoming nature is demonstrated by the 199 African Americans who resided in Rawlins as of the most recent count.

The African American population of Rawlins has increased by 11.17% in the last ten years, indicating dynamic demographic trends that are reshaping the town’s socioeconomic scene.


With 64,795 people, Cheyenne is a city that features a tiny but growing African American community, with 1,671 people, or 2.58% of the overall population.

Shattering Assumptions Wyoming Cities with Growing Black Populations!

The African American population has notably increased by 36.19% during 2010, which is indicative of the city’s demographic transitions and trend of diversification.

This expansion suggests that social dynamics are changing and could lead to a more diverse and inclusive Cheyenne.

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With 31,735 residents, Laramie is a community with a varied demographic makeup. It is little in comparison, but it captures a diversity of backgrounds and cultures.

African Americans make up 311 inhabitants, or 0.98% of the overall population, which is a small but noteworthy presence. It’s interesting to note that this number has decreased by 16.62% from 2010, which may indicate changes in the city’s migratory trends or population dynamics.

Laramie is still a bustling center with a diverse population that adds to the city’s complex tapestry of identities and experiences despite this decline.

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Rock Springs

There are 490 African Americans living in Rock Springs, which has a population of 23,361, making up a comparatively tiny portion of the population.

Shattering Assumptions Wyoming Cities with Growing Black Populations!

The aforementioned statistic exhibits a noteworthy percentage change of 490.36% from 2010 to the present, suggesting possible alterations in the community’s demographics or migratory trends during that time.

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In Riverton, a community of 10,733 people, the percentage of African Americans is relatively low—97 people, or 0.9% of the total population.

The number of African Americans has decreased significantly since 2010, by 12.61%. This movement in the town’s demographics is a reflection of changes that have occurred over the last 10 years, which may have been brought about by migration patterns and other socioeconomic variables.

In spite of this downturn, Riverton is still a varied and developing town that is molded by the relationships and experiences of its citizens.

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To Conclude

Wyoming’s thriving African American populations contribute to the state’s deeper tapestry. Every location offers a different experience, from the historical significance of Cheyenne to the expanding population of Rawlins.

Although there appears to be a decline in African American population in some areas, such as Laramie and Riverton, the general trend points to an increase.

Undoubtedly, a flourishing African American population will play a significant role in molding Wyoming’s cultural environment and social fabric in the future.

These towns will surely play a crucial part in the state’s continued development as it moves forward.

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