Sen. Lindsey Graham says he's not 'worried about impeaching' Biden and doubts there's a 'smoking gun'

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is unconcerned with President Joe Biden’s impeachment investigation.

While the senator has been a prominent opponent of the Biden administration, he appeared dismissive of the impeachment investigation that House Republicans approved last week.

“You know, I haven’t paid that much attention to it.” They must demonstrate that President Biden benefited financially from Hunter Biden’s business ventures. “We’ll see,” Graham stated on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “If there were a smoking gun, I think we’d be talking about it.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham says he's not 'worried about impeaching' Biden and doubts there's a 'smoking gun'

As the GOP presses on with the investigation, some have raised alarm about the paucity of proof linking the president to his son, Hunter Biden, who was recently indicted on tax evasion and firearms charges. Meanwhile, some Democrats have gone so far as to press the GOP to move forward with impeachment proceedings.

“I’m not worried about impeaching the president right now,” Graham stated Sunday. “Do you know what I’m concerned about?” Assisting the president in resolving the Middle East crisis. Trying to persuade the Arabs and Israelis not to allow Iran to derail you, and to give Israel the space it needs to destroy Hamas. I’m trying to figure out how to secure a breached border before we’re attacked. That’s the thing that worries me the most.”

Graham’s remarks came despite his previous scathing criticisms of Biden. In 2021, the senator stated that he supported impeaching Biden due to the disorderly American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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