Sean 'Diddy' Combs Faces Allegations of Drugging and Assaulting Model in 2003 Case

On Tuesday, a lawsuit filed in federal court in New York stated that hip-hop entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs had drugged and sexually assaulted a model in 2003.

Crystal McKinney filed the case in accordance with the NYC Gender Motivated Violence Act, which permits victims of gender-based violence in the city to bring legal action against their perpetrators at any time after the abuse occurs. The statute of limitations under that act closes in 2025.

In addition, Combs’ fashion business, Sean John Clothing, Combs’ distributor, Universal Music Group, and record label, Bad Boy Entertainment, are all being sued by McKinney.

The lawsuit claims that in 2003, an unidentified fashion designer introduced McKinney to Combs as a budding fashion model at the age of 22.

According to the lawsuit, the designer took care of McKinney’s appearance by dressing and styling her “to ensure Combs found her attractive” before they met at Cipriani Downtown, a restaurant in New York City.

In front of the other dinner attendees, including the designer, Combs allegedly made many flirty and sexually provocative comments about McKinney’s attractiveness.

Later that evening, according to the lawsuit, Combs allegedly invited McKinney to his recording studio, where he was consuming marijuana and drinking beer with a number of men.

According to the lawsuit, Comb gave McKinney a joint and said, “You’ve never had weed like this before,” which McKinney took to suggest that the marijuana was mixed with another substance.

“Although plaintiff insisted that she had enough after that, Combs pressured her to imbibe more alcohol and marijuana by telling her that she was acting too uptight,” as per the lawsuit.

The lawsuit states that when McKinney was “very intoxicated,” Combs led her into the bathroom and made her have oral sex with him. She then claims to have lost consciousness and woke up in a taxi.

After the alleged event, McKinney believes Combs had her “blackballed” in the business and used his considerable influence to obstruct [her] career progression, which is why she no longer had modeling possibilities.

The lawsuit claims that in the years after the purported encounter, McKinney developed drug and alcohol addictions, anxiety, and depression. She also made an attempt at suicide in 2004.

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Combs expressed his regret for the incident in public on Sunday, calling his actions “inexcusable” and accepting “full responsibility” for them.

A federal judge granted Combs’ request to have a lawsuit alleging he and two co-defendants sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl at a New York recording studio in 2003 dismissed earlier this month, citing the action as a “false and hideous claim” that was filed too late in accordance with the law.

Two other allegations against the music mogul were made in November of last year, a week after he and singer Cassie resolved a separate lawsuit including claims of rape and physical abuse.

The women’s cases were filed just before the Adult Survivors Act, a New York statute that gives victims of sexual assault a year to file a civil suit, regardless of the statute of limitations, was set to expire.

A federal lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct against Combs was also filed in February by a male music producer.


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