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Ryan calls for action to deal with toxic lead cables

Lead cable (MHNN photo)

CORNWALL—On Saturday morning in front of Cornwall Town Hall, Congressman Pat Ryan (NY-18) demanded that telecom firms assume accountability for their abandoned, poisonous lead cables in Cornwall and throughout the Hudson Valley.

According to Ryan, the cable’s lead wrapping leaks into the earth and is dangerous to human health. He cited a Wall Street Journal article from July 9, 2023, which disclosed that communication corporations have left behind cables all around the nation. Following an inquiry by the Journal, lead cables were discovered at Wappingers Falls’ Temple Park Playground, posing a health risk. As a result, the playground was temporarily shuttered.

Ryan demanded that telecom firms, such as ATT and Verizon, accept accountability for their discarded cable. He took issue with them for not even disclosing where the cable was located.

Tracy Andrews, the president of the volunteer Cornwall Cleanup Crew, Inc., who was among the speakers, also wore orange hoodies. According to Andrews, the crew has been combating unlawful dumping for over a year.

According to Andrews, the crew member who located the abandoned lead cable in Cornwall was Angelo Schembari. According to Schembari, telecon companies occasionally remove multiple cables that are left in drainage ditches. According to Andrews, the crew’s efforts have resulted in the removal of almost 500 tires. She declared her intention to form a cleanup crew for the Hudson Valley.

Riverkeeper’s Jeremy Cherson applauded the joint efforts of several government officials and environmental groups addressing the issue. Children and wildlife are particularly at risk from the leaking cables, according to him.

Assemblyman Chris Eachus stated that the abandoned cables’ disposal is a further factor in the issue.

Josh Wojehowski, the supervisor of Cornwall Town, stated that employees require safety equipment to keep them safe while working.

Ted Warren was present from the Cornwall Conservation Advisory Council. Every year, the council plans a local section of the Riverkeeper Sweep that runs through Cornwall-on-Hudson along the Hudson River. On May 4, the 13th annual Sweep will happen.

After that, the guests went to view abandoned wires close to the Quaker meeting house along Quaker Avenue.

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