Room No. 217 of This Hotel Has Been Named as The Haunted 217!

The Stanley Hotel is a famous and a little scary place to stay in Estes Park, Colorado. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Not only is this ancient hotel famous for its beautiful views, but it was also the setting for a famous book, ghosts have been seen there often, and Room 217 is a mystery.

Before we can understand what’s going on with the Stanley Hotel, we need to look into its long and interesting past. When Freelan Oscar Stanley opened the hotel in 1909, it was a luxurious haven in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Its royal style and beautiful setting quickly drew tourists looking for a getaway from the city.

The Stanley Hotel is famous because it was the setting for “The Shining,” one of the most famous horror books of all time. In 1974, Stephen King, a famous author, and his wife Tabitha stayed the night at the hotel. This stay gave King the idea for his book, which in turn led to the famous movie directed by Stanley Kubrick.

The Stanley Hotel Room No. 217 Mystery

There have been ghost stories about the Stanley Hotel for a long time. Strange things have been reported by both guests and workers, like footsteps that can’t be explained and things moving on their own. The past and architecture of the hotel add to its spooky feel, making it a great place to see ghosts.

Room 217 is one of the most important places in the Stanley Hotel’s mysterious stories. Guests have said that this is where they had some of their most intense experiences with the supernatural. Women who used to work as housekeepers say that the ghost of Elizabeth Wilson lives in this room. People are still drawn to her story and personality.

Strange things keep happening in Room 217 while Elizabeth Wilson is there. Guests have said they felt like someone was tucking them in at night, turning the lights on and off, and even opening their bags. Because of these stories, Room 217 is now known as one of the most spooky rooms in the hotel.

Aside from Room 217, there are other parts of the Stanley Hotel that are said to be evil. People who have been there say they have seen ghosts or heard whispers from the other side in the hallways and aboard the grand stairs. Some people think that F.O. Stanley’s ghost still watches over his favorite hotel. Guests have said they saw a well-dressed guy in clothes from the early 1900s, who they think is the hotel’s founder.


The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, is a famous and spooky destination known for its beautiful scenery and setting for “The Shining.” Room 217, known for its mysterious stories, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth Wilson. Other parts of the hotel, including hallways and grand stairs, are also said to be haunted by ghosts or the hotel’s founder.

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