Road Safety Report: Which Oregon Counties Have the Most Fatal Car Accidents?

Oregon’s scenic regions and meandering highways convey a message of peace and beauty, yet beneath this idyllic exterior lies a darker tale. This article addresses Oregon’s road safety crisis, concentrating on the counties with the greatest rate of deadly auto accidents.

We learn about the grim reality of traffic deaths and the causes that lead to these unfortunate incidents through a review of recent data.

We examine the steps being done to increase safety and reduce the number of fatalities, from Multnomah’s busy streets to the serene roads of Lane and Jackson counties.

Come along as we explore the intricacies of traffic safety and shed light on the counties that suffer the most from the most catastrophic auto accidents in Oregon.

Umatilla County

12 motor vehicle crash fatalities have been reported in Umatilla County, Oregon, which ranks 1,036th nationally in terms of rate of motor vehicle crash fatalities per 100,000 people.

Three pedestrians and one unfortunately lost their life while riding a bicycle were among these fatalities.

The aforementioned data highlight the continuous significance of traffic safety protocols and the requirement for communal endeavors to avert such occurrences and safeguard susceptible drivers.

Road Safety Report: Which Oregon Counties Have the Most Fatal Car Accidents?

Multnomah County

At 10.4 per 100,000 residents, Multnomah County, Oregon, has the highest rate of motor vehicle crash fatalities in the US (84 total deaths), placing it at #1,355 overall.

24 pedestrian deaths and 5 bicycle deaths were included in these fatalities, underscoring the dangers non-motorists confront when traveling on the county’s roadways.

16 fatalities also included intoxicated drivers, highlighting the risks associated with impaired driving. With five fatalities apiece, NE GLISAN ST and I-84 are the roadways with the highest number of fatalities.

These routes should be targeted for traffic safety initiatives and enforcement actions.

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Deschutes County

With a total of 30 fatalities, the motor vehicle crash fatality rate in Deschutes County, Oregon, is 15.4 per 100,000 inhabitants, ranking it #1,010 nationally.

Three pedestrians and one bicycle were among the dead, with no bikers reported killed in collisions. Six fatalities shockingly involved intoxicated drivers, highlighting the risks associated with impaired driving.

Road Safety Report: Which Oregon Counties Have the Most Fatal Car Accidents?

US-97 ODOT 4 is the county route with the highest number of fatalities, having had six fatal incidents. These figures demonstrate how critical it is to keep up efforts to enhance traffic safety and avert fatalities in Deschutes County.

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Douglas County

With 31 confirmed deaths, the motor vehicle crash fatality rate in Douglas County, Oregon, is 28.0 per 100,000 inhabitants, placing it at #476 nationally.

It is noteworthy that during the period under consideration, no deaths involving pedestrians or bicyclists were reported. But 11 fatalities were linked to situations involving intoxicated drivers, underscoring the seriousness of alcohol-related accidents.

With five fatalities, SR-38 ODOT 45 was the county’s most dangerous road. This highlights the need for improved safety measures and public awareness initiatives to reduce the risks connected with driving on this specific route.

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Lake County

Currently ranked 84th nationally, Lake County, Oregon has five recorded deaths from motor vehicle crashes, with a rate of 61.6 per 100,000 residents.

Notably, over the designated period, no fatalities involving pedestrians or bicyclists were reported. A single fatality did, however, come from a terrible situation involving an intoxicated motorist.

To further lower the frequency of these incidents and safeguard the residents of Lake County, it is imperative that road safety measures and awareness be promoted in spite of these figures.

To Conclude

A hazardous fact is hidden by Oregon’s picturesque roadways. Car accidents that result in death occur more frequently in counties such as Multnomah, Deschutes, and Douglas. Cycling and pedestrian fatalities underscore the susceptibility of non-motorists.

Public awareness efforts and tougher enforcement are necessary because DUIs are a significant contributing factor. The data indicates that a more all-encompassing approach is required, even with the ongoing efforts to improve safety.

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