Report Shows the Illinois State has the Most Affordable and Livable Small Towns

It was named one of the ten least expensive small towns in the country. One of those places is in Illinois. This week, A Source put out its book “The 10 Most Affordable Small Towns Where You’d Actually Like To Live” for 2023. Galesburg is ranked as the fifth-best small town in the country to live in, according to the story. It was also chosen as the cheapest place to live on the list, with costs 70% less than the national average.

Pam Gaither, Executive Director of the Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce, thinks that the fact that Galesburg was named one of the best places to live in the country shows how well the community has worked together to provide a good quality of life without raising prices.

Gaither said, “We’re proud to make our town a place where people can reach their goals, build their futures, and enjoy all that our lively town has to offer.” “Our low-cost housing options, low-cost amenities, and strong local business community make us a great place for people and families looking for a place that is both affordable and full of opportunities.”

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Galesburg’s typical list price for a new home is $127,425, which is about $75,000 less than Iron Mountain, Michigan, which had the second-lowest prices of all the places we looked at. Evan Wyloge, a data writer for, says that a three-bedroom, one-bathroom ranch can be bought for just under $80,000.

Wyloge said that affordable housing and a fairly diverse local business are two things that could bring new people to Galesburg. BNSF Railway, Knox College, and OSF St. Mary Medical Center are the major employers in the area.

Gaither said, “Our diversified economy brings in a great pool of talent and encourages people to start their own businesses.” “It encourages healthy competition, works well with others, and leads to constant growth.”

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