Home News Rabid fox killed in Peekskill

Rabid fox killed in Peekskill

Rabid fox killed in Peekskill

PEEKSKILL A rabies test was conducted on a fox that bit two Peekskill residents last Saturday, and the results were positive, according to the Westchester County Department of Health.

The two residents, who were together at the time of the incident, are presently undergoing rabies prophylaxis.

Residents are being reminded by the health department that an animal’s strange behavior could be the initial indication of rabies. An animal that is rabid may exhibit exceptional levels of aggression or tameness. It might stop being afraid of humans, get enthusiastic or agitated, or just look really docile and drowsy.

There are instances when the mouth appears to be staggering and foaming.

Immediately report any hostile animal to the local police and avoid approaching it, advised County Health Commissioner Dr. Sherlita Amler.

She advised calling the health department right away if you are bitten or scratched.

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