Premium Living Discover Kansas's 5 Most Expensive Areas To Call Home

Kansas, in the middle of America, offers a mix of country charm and urban refinement, albeit some parts are more expensive than others. We explore the places where the expense of living peaks in the article.

These communities, which range from the lively streets of Overland Park to the quiet suburbs of Leawood, are renowned for their first-rate amenities, high standard of living, and correspondingly higher real estate values. A peek at the most prestigious zip codes in the Sunflower State is provided here:

Mission Hills

Located in the heart of the Kansas City metropolitan area, Mission Hills is a name that connotes exclusivity and elegance. Luxurious estates and immaculately manicured gardens make it a sanctuary for people in search of extravagance.

With 3,567 people living there, Mission Hills is a town distinguished by its affluent nature. With a remarkable median household income of almost $250,000, the population is rich and well-off.

This little community offers its people a good quality of life in peaceful surroundings and is the epitome of peace and prosperity.


Leawood maintains a family-friendly atmosphere while providing excellent schools, large parks, and a high standard of living.

With over 33,713 citizens, Leawood is a thriving municipality located in the center of Kansas. Leawood is well-known for its vibrant neighborhoods and gorgeous scenery, making it a refuge for both families and working adults.

Premium Living Discover Kansas's 5 Most Expensive Areas To Call Home

This city is unique due to its remarkable median family income of $174,779, which reflects a prosperous and stable financial community.

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Fairway, also known as the “City of Trees,” is a charming neighborhood with a strong sense of history and a beautiful environment. Fairway is a small town with about 4,162 people living in it.

Though modest in size, the town enjoys a pleasant lifestyle, as evidenced by its estimated $154,981 median household income. This number highlights the wealth and prosperity that the people there enjoy, which is a sign of a healthy local economy.

Fairway presents an ideal living environment for individuals seeking both financial security and calm because of its strong financial standing and scenic surroundings.

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Westwood Hills

This little town makes a great impression with its distinctive architectural designs and close-knit local atmosphere. Westwood Hills is a small community with about 444 residents, tucked away in a peaceful enclave.

Premium Living Discover Kansas's 5 Most Expensive Areas To Call Home

This neighborhood is tiny in size, yet it has a certain air of wealth, as seen by the roughly $161,250 median household income in this neighborhood.

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Prairie Village

Prairie Village, well-known for its charming shopping malls and well-established neighborhoods, offers the conveniences of a suburban getaway close to the city.

The picturesque suburban town of Prairie Village is home to almost 22,947 people. The town has a peaceful atmosphere and a strong sense of community nestled inside its tree-lined streets and charming neighborhoods.

Prairie Village exhibits a stable and affluent economic environment, as evidenced by the median household income of approximately $99,691, which reflects the prosperous character of the community.

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To Conclude

Even though Kansas has a wide range of housing alternatives, these affluent neighborhoods stand out for their first-rate amenities, first-rate schools, and general high standard of living.

Every area, from the expansive estates of Mission Hills to the quaint, family-friendly charm of Leawood, has something special to offer people looking for a prosperous and comfortable life.

Thus, take into consideration aiming for one of these esteemed zip codes if you want to live large in the Sunflower State. Just be ready for an even more expensive price tag to go along with the opulent lifestyle.

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