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Poughkeepsie top cop wants ban on ghost guns (VIDEO)

Poughkeepsie top cop wants ban on ghost guns (VIDEO)

The City of POUGHKEEPSIE Police Tom Pape, a seasoned law enforcement officer of over thirty years, is urging Congress to support an extension of the federal ban on ghost firearms, which he claims are endangering his police and the community. Along with bipartisan senators, top law enforcement in the region, and US Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, Pape urged Congress to approve the extension today (Friday). It will be the first time the bill has expired in over a decade, and if it is not renewed, making the undetectable, untraceable rifles will no longer be a federal felony.

In 2023, Poughkeepsie police seized 45 illegal handguns within the city’s four square miles; according to Pape, 25% of the weapons were ghost guns.

Chief Pape stated that passing this bill is crucial and extremely significant. Chief Pape stated that ghost guns are wreaking havoc on our streets in reference to illegal firearms. Pape stated that while the federal ban will help keep the city secure, it also helps keep his officers safe, which he noted is an important task.

Due to a lack of cops in the city, a few officers told Mid-Hudson News that their safety is currently at risk. According to the contract, we are expected to have 96 officers in total. There are at least 14 officers on military or injury leave in addition to other approved leaves, bringing the total down to 92. One officer responded, “Without the proper staffing levels, many of us have been mandated to work overtime, which is tiring and you can’t be tired and deal with armed felons safely,” when asked how that was a safety concern. The common council has not addressed the personnel issue, which has forced several cops to perform 16-hour shifts.

A video featuring Chief Pape advocating for the bill’s passage:

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