Poll: Ron DeSantis drops to 6% in New Hampshire

Time is running out for the Governor in the nation’s first primary state.

The latest New Hampshire survey shows Ron DeSantis with the lowest approval rating yet. Indeed, according to the pollster, his support has “all but vanished.”

According to the St. Anselm College Survey Center, the Florida Governor ranks fourth with only 6% support. This means that DeSantis will not receive many of the state’s 22 delegates, who are assigned on a proportional basis.

DeSantis is trailed by Donald Trump (44%), Nikki Haley (30%), and Chris Christie (12%), who is only one point ahead of Vivek Ramaswamy.

The Governor has only 53% approval among GOP Primary voters, with 45% dissatisfaction, highlighting poll respondents’ viewpoint.

Poll: Ron DeSantis drops to 6% in New Hampshire

This survey finds DeSantis in fourth place, with less support than the average poll in the state. According to the Race to the White House polling average, DeSantis is behind Trump, Haley, and Christie by 10%.

The most recent poll for DeSantis has been The Trafalgar Group survey, which was done between December 9-11 and shows the Florida Governor at 11%.

Last month’s Washington Post-Monmouth poll of New Hampshire GOP Primary voters indicated the Florida Governor had slid to fifth place in the Granite State, but with 7% support, he was doing better than in the current poll.

When asked about his poor showing in the state polls in October, DeSantis argued that more facial contact with people would help him.

“When I’m out, I’ll say, ‘I’ll do my spiel, or I’ll just meet with voters,’ and people will come up to me and say, ‘You flipped me from Trump to you.'” “I’m now with you,” the Governor declared on “The Pulse of New Hampshire.

However, time is running out before the Jan. 23 primary election. And it’s evident that Granite State voters are thinking about other options.

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