Police shoot suspect during northeast Houston robbery

Following a heist in northeast Houston, a police officer shot the suspect at roughly 2:30 p.m., the incident occurred near 2400 Brewster Street.

According to Houston authorities Department Executive Assistant Chief Ban Tien, the incident began at 2:30 p.m. when authorities received a call about a robbery at a Family Dollar in the 3300 block of Liberty Street.

According to police, a suspect stole beer from the store and was about to leave when he was confronted by a cashier. Before fleeing, the suspect allegedly assaulted the clerk.

The manager, Martha Castilleja, said the man had previously attempted to rob the business and that she witnessed him stealing on Sunday afternoon.

“He took Bud Light, two cases of Bud Light,” Castilleja explained.

He pushed her coworker who tried to stop him from leaving, she alleged, but he got away.

“I was shaking with fear,” Castilleja added.

Officers arrived on the site and were provided with a description of the suspect. A secondary unit was also in the vicinity and saw a guy who matched the suspect’s description.

Chrishaud Fennix stated that he witnessed the police attempt to stop him.

“He got behind him and he told him to stop, but he didn’t,” Fennix recalled.

According to HPD, the officer grabbed the individual and the two began to struggle.

According to HPD, the suspect attempted to disarm the officer and began attacking him throughout the fight.

“He was beating the cop,” a witness stated.

The officer had minor injuries to his face, including scrapes and scratches, as well as bruising.

“That’s when the police officer said let go of my taser,” Fennix recalled.

According to HPD, the officer fired one shot into the suspect’s back.

“Based on a witness’s account, the officer was fighting for his life,” Tien went on to say.

The following units arrived on the scene and began assisting the suspect. He was reportedly brought to Ben Taub Hospital and had surgery.

Officers discovered that the subject had a long criminal background.

“He does have a confirmed open felony warrant for theft at this time,” Tien added.

The suspect’s name has not been released by HPD, although he is claimed to be in stable condition. The cop received minor injuries and is expected to recover. Officers have stated that they are analyzing body cams as well as neighboring surveillance video.

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