Police in Tennessee Arrested a Man from Georgia

Shockingly, 37-year-old Georgian man Brandon Howard was caught in Tennessee in connection with the death of 36-year-old Jennifer Hester in Dallas, Georgia. At 10:15 p.m. on November 20, police were called to a home on Westwood Drive because someone thought the resident might have committed suicide.

When they got there, though, they saw that Hester had been stabbed several times, which made the case an official murder. Within a short time, Howard became the main suspect in the probe. Phone pings and Flock camera sightings helped solve the case when Howard was found in Loudon County, Tennessee.

Police in Tennessee arrested a man from Georgia

The Loudon County officers and the Tennessee Highway Patrol followed the person and arrested them after a pretty exciting chase. Howard tried to run away in his truck, but it crashed, and he was arrested.

Now that Hester is dead, Howard is being charged with major crimes in Georgia, such as murder with intent, felony murder, and battery. Charges against him are still being considered in Tennessee, mostly for avoiding police officers.

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The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and people in the area have been very helpful with the case, according to Dallas Police Chief Joseph Duvall. Our investigation is getting more complicated because we still don’t know what kind of bond Howard and Hester have. Many law enforcement agencies worked together on this case, showing how complicated and far-reaching modern police investigations can be.

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