Police Have Identified the Woman Who Was Found Dead

The body of a 24-year-old woman was found in a trash bin at a high-end apartment building in Manhattan. Police are looking into how she died. On Friday night, police searched the high-end apartment building on West 28th Street near 11th Avenue in Chelsea after getting calls about a woman’s body being found in the basement earlier that day.

Police now say that Jaclyn, or Jackie Elmquist, 24, did fall in a garbage shoot. Family and friends shared flyers on social media early Friday morning about the missing woman from Brooklyn. They said Elmquist was last seen at a nearby restaurant for a work party around 11:30 p.m. Thursday, which was about 10 blocks away.

Police Have Identified the Woman

Her friends and family wrote on social media that Elmquist then went to a nearby bar and was picked up by her coworkers in a yellow cab. The GPS on her phone seemed to show that she was only four blocks away from the Chelsea apartment building before it died. People who live near the building were shocked when she died.

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“It’s scary and unbelievable,” said neighbour Steve Press. Employees of the building say she didn’t live there and came in by herself.  Brian Ducovna from Cleveland, Ohio, said, “It’s terrible to hear. I can’t imagine that happening or think about the family who must hear this.” It’s unclear why Elmquist was at the Chelsea apartment building, but cops said on Saturday that they don’t think he did anything wrong. The office of the medical examiner will figure out how she died.

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