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Plans for “America’s Shortest Parade” finalized in Pawling

Plans for “America’s Shortest Parade” finalized in Pawling

PAWLING Pawling’s yearly parade with an Irish theme is coming back to the eastern Dutchess village on February 24, according to Hernando Schaber of Pawling Family Quick Stop, who co-founded the event. The eighth annual 223-foot march along Broad Street in the village, dubbed “America’s Shortest Parade,” starts with live entertainment at 10:30 a.m.

The yearly Pawling procession surpasses the 306-foot-long Monroe St. Patrick’s Day parade.

According to Schaber, the idea for the parade came about in a local bar when he, Mateo O Connell, and Javier Hughes were daring enough to organize a procession. In our inaugural procession, I served as Grand Marshall and seven men marched along Broad Street. It never occurred to us that the practical joke would grow into an annual event that brings hundreds of marchers and attendees to the Village of Pawling. Both the community and our local businesses benefit from it.

Peter Ross, a citizen of Pawling, has been chosen to be the Grand Marshall for 2024. Ashley Gilnack’s kids from the Farrell School of Irish Step Dancing will be performing, and Ross will be up against them. Due to high demand, the group of enthusiastic dancers, who were a crowd favorite in 2023, is returning this year. The National Anthem will be performed at 1 p.m., after which the dancers will start at noon, and the procession will start right away.

The festivities continue at 2 p.m. with a live performance by The Nerds, which follows the procession.

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Video of the step dancers from 2023:

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