Philadelphia traffic halted as protesters advocate for lasting cease-fire in Gaza

On Thursday evening, a group protesting for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza obstructed traffic on I-76 westbound and the Spring Garden Street Bridge in Philadelphia. The protest, which drew approximately 150 individuals, lasted approximately three hours.

Initially, demonstrators organized by Jewish Voice for Peace obstructed traffic on I-76 just before rush hour.

Interim According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Stanford, the demonstrators drove in cars to get onto the freeway, then got out and obstructed traffic.

Philadelphia traffic halted as protesters advocate for lasting cease-fire in Gaza

According to Stanford, local officials assisted the Pennsylvania State Police in apprehending approximately 32 persons who were blocking the route. He further stated that the demonstrators would be penalized for blocking I-76.

According to one demonstrator, obstructing the freeway was required in order to get their message across.

“I understand that it can be difficult, but I also believe that our lives need to be disrupted.” “I hope the people on 76 understand that demanding a cease-fire and drawing attention to the horrific situation in Gaza in any way we can make being stuck in traffic seem insignificant,” a woman stated.

“I am the father and I am Jewish and I would much rather be home right now with my son celebrating the 8th day of Hanukkah, but I know there are fathers in Gaza who will never get to celebrate another holiday with their children,” said Jacob Winterstein, one of the participants in the demonstration.

Following their removal from I-76, the protesters staged a sit-in on the Spring Garden Street Bridge, just above the highway. The protesters chanted, sang, and waved signs reading “Let Gaza Live” and “Cease Fire Now.” After marching to the Art Museum stairs, the demonstration came to an end.

Police stated that the protest was calm and that they were keeping an eye on the situation to ensure that it did not escalate.

“It’s our responsibility to make sure they do it in a peaceful and as safe as possible way,” Dr. Stanford added.

Traffic bottlenecks on I-76 near the Art Museum were caused by the demonstration.

On November 2, Jewish Voice for Peace staged a sit-in at 30th Street Station, causing commuters and Amtrak passengers to be delayed.

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