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Pelton Mansion lawsuit over; developers ready to build

PUCKHKEEPSIE Judge Maria Rosa rendered a final decision on Friday in a number of lawsuits filed by people trying to stop development on the site of the Pelton Manor in Poughkeepsie; the developers are now free to proceed with their plans to build apartments and a community center. In April 2023, the opposition won the lawsuit altogether after a judge learned that Ken Stier, the project’s opponent, had engaged in covert operations aimed at influencing the court. The developers ultimately prevailed in the lawsuit when it was reopened and contested.

The developers, Pelton Partners LLC, intend to build six buildings with a combination of commercial and residential space, as well as an arts center within the mansion. The six structures on the 2.5-acre lot where the run-down Pelton Manor is situated on North Clover Street will together house 39 multi-family dwellings. Since purchasing the land in 2015, Pelton Partners LLC has been working to advance this project.

When the project was mired in litigation, Poughkeepsie’s city administrator was Marc Nelson, a former mayor of the city. Nelson told Mid-Hudson News that everyone who sincerely wants to see the Pelton Mansion restored and returned to its rightful place in service to the community should applaud the court’s well-reasoned ruling, which was made on Friday. According to him, the result is now almost certain because of the exceptional efforts of Corporation Counsel Rebecca Valk, whose perseverance and honesty benefit the city daily.

The developers’ lawyer, Ken Stenger, was optimistic that building would start shortly. For my client and the residents of the City of Poughkeepsie, this is a major win. Those who want to keep the Pelton site as a private museum will no longer be able to restrict how it is used. Stenger took some time to review the acrimonious Historic District Landmark Preservation Commission (HDLPC) meeting held in the city. I would especially like to congratulate and recognize Chairman Tim McQueen and the present members of the HDLPC for standing up to the mob on April 13, 2023, and voting in favor of the settlement that the rule of law has now confirmed.

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