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It’s KDVR in Westminster, Colorado. The founder of the Colorado Ped Patrol falsely accused a man of child abuse, which led to his arrest and the loss of his job. Julian Duran, a 27-year-old, filed a lawsuit against Thomas Fellows on Friday in Jefferson County District Court.

In his claim, Duran says he used to support the Colorado Ped Patrol and even gave money to help the group. The Colorado Ped Patrol says it works with law enforcement to catch would-be paedophiles during live streams of “predator catches.”

In his lawsuit, Duran asked for a “tax-deductible receipt for his donations to Defendant Colorado Ped Patrol Inc., but Defendants refused to provide documentation of its charitable solicitations.” During one of the Fellows’ livestream fundraisers, Duran said that the Colorado Ped Patrol wasn’t following the rules for non-profits and charitable groups.

Hotel Meet-Up Leads to Police Response

Later, Duran’s claim said he thought he was picked to be in the Colorado Ped Patrol’s “capture” video because he had publicly said that the agency wasn’t following the rules.

In the past year, Duran started talking to two adults, a man and a woman, through an adult dating website. According to the website’s terms and conditions, anyone using it is considered to be at least 18 years old. You must pay for an account and show proof of your age to get in.

The civil suit says Duran met the couple at a hotel in Aurora on July 1. It is said that the couple told Duran they wanted to get together at their new apartment in Westminster and would bring another female friend.

On August 25, Duran arrived at the apartment to find a group of men, who immediately began filming him using a GoPro and his phone.

Ped Patrol

According to the lawsuit, Fellows asked Duran how old the girl he was meeting was. Duran replied that she was 18. He then started to “show Defendant Fellows the message on the website where the person said she was over 18, but Defendant Fellows asked more questions and interrupted him… accusing Plaintiff of luring underage girls for sexual exploitation.”

According to the lawsuit, Duran has a disability that makes it hard for her to “interact with others while under stress and understand social situations and cues.” She also said she didn’t know how to end the talk without giving Fellows the answers he wanted.

As soon as Westminster Police arrived, they captured Duran while Fellows filmed.

The lawsuit by Duran says that the defendants’ proof included explicit text messages sent between the plaintiff and an underage girl, but the defendants used a name and phone number that did not belong to the plaintiff. The police released the plaintiff right away without charging him with a crime.

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No Crime, but Video Posted Online

Still, the lawsuit says that Fellows shared the video of the fight and arrest on the Colorado Ped Patrol’s social media pages, which have since gotten thousands of views, likes, and comments.

He was fired from his job at Cabela’s in Lone Tree on October 9 “because of the public accusations of child exploitation and Plaintiff’s arrest on August 25, 2023,” the lawsuit says.

Duran got a text message on November 9 from an unknown number that said, “I just saw you walk into a hotel room. I’m surprised the police didn’t put you in jail. If you ever think about going after someone or telling anyone what we did, I will find out and make sure you harm Thomas Fellows and his great organization, CPP.” Duran says in his lawsuit that he fears Fellows and his fans because of the video. He says that they are following him around and would not think twice about hurting him or his family.

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