One North Texas City is Giving its Employees Fridays off

Would you like a three-day break every weekend? If the thought of working only four days a week sounds good to you, you might want to apply for a job with the city of Farmers Branch.

Another city in North Texas has switched to a four-day work week. City manager Ben Williamson said that most employees will start seeing the changes on Monday. This includes clerks at city hall, people who work in parks, and people who clean up after the city.

“They’re really excited about it.” People have talked a lot about it. Our HR manager was at the job fair we went to. That was the main reason. “Are you sure you only work four days a week?” people asked him.

Most people will work 10 hours a day, Monday through Thursday. Every Friday, they’ll be off. Some, though, will work Tuesday through Friday and take Monday off. It means that some public places will be open longer.

It will be business as usual on Monday morning, except that city hall will open at 7:30 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. Every day except Friday, we’ve been open until 6 p.m. “Now we’re adding Friday to those hours too,” Williamson said. “Most of the time, our workers put in four days a week.” If something goes wrong, we’re always here to help. The city keeps going. The hours that people can come to city hall for those programs have changed, though.

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The city’s field workers tried out the idea first. The work was being done the same way it always was. “The response has been pretty much the same: ‘Please never leave this.’ They loved it. Williamson said, “We love it.”

As a dad, it will give him a chance to help out at his kids’ school on Fridays. “That balance between work and life that everyone talks about.” “So, everyone is excited, including me,” he said. In the end, the goal is also to find and keep good employees. Williamson thinks the idea might get people looking for work to drive farther to work for Farmers Branch.

“Every city wants to hire people.” Help Wanted signs are in every business and every place you go. How do you say, “Hey, come work for us?” Join this group,'” Williamson stated. “If you can work four days a week and have an extra 52 days off a year, that’s a benefit.” Rowlett and Keller also have 4-day work weeks for their workers.

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