Oklahoma 8-Year-Old Boy Critically Injured After Shot in Head

Multiple news sources say that a shooter opened fire on an 8-year-old boy’s family’s car in Oklahoma on Sunday, seriously hurting him.

KSWO and News 9 both named the boy Zachariah Bannister. Police say he was shot in the head while riding in the car with his family in Lawton, Oklahoma.

KSWO heard from Zack’s grandmother that the boy’s mother had put the car in reverse so that he and his brother could look at the Christmas lights. That’s when she saw a green laser, and shots were fired.

She told the news source, “His eyes were closed.” “He was leaning to the right.” The brother of Zack told me that Zack was bleeding, and my brother and I both screamed, “Drive, mom, drive!”

Zack’s mom set up a GoFundMe to get money to help her son get better. It has raised more than $1,000 so far.

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An officer with the Lawton Police Department told PEOPLE that Jullian Phillips was arrested in connection with the shooting and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. It’s not clear if he has made a plea or hired a lawyer.

A police spokesman said that Zack’s health had stabilized by Wednesday.

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