Ohio City Refuses Cop’s 10K Offer to Retain K-9 Partner

Another Ohio K-9 cop wants to keep his longtime partner, Igor, after he leaves the police force, but the city is blocking his plans.

Officer Chad Hagan of Shaker Heights offered the city $10,000 to let them keep the dog when he decided to look for work in a different department. For more than five years, they worked together every day. Now that Hagan’s family has lost a loved one, they are getting ready for the holidays without that person.

“We’re really sad. We really miss Igor and feel like our house is empty without him. Not the same. It makes me very sad. “You know, the whole thing is upsetting,” Gad Hagan’s wife, Danielle, said.

Danielle said, “He’s been with us through our first home, our forever home, marriage, and the birth of our child. He’s like family to us, and we’d be lost without him.”

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When a K-9 trainer leaves the police force, the dog is often put to sleep and allowed to live with the handler. For three to four more years, though, Igor was found to be fit because he is just over six years old.

Shaker Heights Police Chief Wayne Hudson tried to work out a deal for officer Hagan to stay on for two more years, after which Igor could retire. But Hagan refused and instead made an offer to buy Igor for $10,000.

Because it’s against city law for the chief to sell the dog, the city turned down the offer. Danielle said, “It’s upsetting because Chad has done everything that police have asked of him in the seven years that he’s been there. It’s just very unfortunate that he’s being treated this way.”

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The city thinks that getting and training a new dog could cost up to $20,000. The city said in a statement that the police chief understands how the family feels but puts the safety of the neighborhood first.

“It is the Chief’s job and the top priority of the city’s administration to keep the people who live there safe.” The city of Shaker Heights said in a statement that any attack on the chief’s character or judgment in this matter is unfair and not deserved.

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