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NYC congestion pricing on indefinite pause

Fresh York Governor Kathy Hochul is reconsidering her plan to earn millions more money for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which might mean that the congestion pricing in New York City, which was supposed to go into effect on June 30, may not go through as scheduled.

The plan’s indefinite suspension pleased state senator James Skoufis (D, Cornwall), who is a party to one of the cases challenging the $15 daily levy on drivers.

State Senator Rob Rolison (R, Poughkeepsie) has joined Skoufis as a plaintiff in the case.

I don’t think it matters much why we are advancing this proposition now in 2024, for whatever reason that led us to this point. He said, “All I care about is finishing this.” I appreciate the governor’s or anyone else’s decision to voice concerns and seek to halt congestion pricing, regardless of the route that led them there, Skoufis said.

Since the state legislature ends its session this Friday, any action would need to happen quickly.

If congestion pricing is postponed, state representatives propose substituting an increase in business taxes that solely affect businesses in New York City.

Legislators from the Mid-Hudson region, like Skoufis, have voiced worry that the implementation of congestion pricing would severely impoverish commuters in the area.

Meanwhile, Rockland County Executive Ed Day stated that the governor ought to do away with this proposal completely rather than merely pausing it. If not, my colleagues and I will carry on our legal battle on behalf of the families we support—who don’t deserve to pay any more needless taxes—alongside our government colleagues.

I have battled alongside many Hudson Valley families against this unjust, ignorant, and unacceptable congestion pricing scheme from the beginning. Congressman Pat Ryan stated, “I’m proud to say that we’ve stopped congestion pricing in its tracks today.” It’s time to start working on a plan that genuinely makes sense for the entire state, not just New York City, with promises of major service expansions and substantial savings for state employees. I will not back down from confronting any party that seeks to take advantage of hardworking families in the Hudson Valley.

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