North Dakota Worst City Update: Stay Safe if You Live in This North Dakota City!

Is it dangerous in North Dakota? It’s true that North Dakota is one of the safest places in the country. Since crime is low in the plains, there isn’t much to worry about here. Some towns in North Dakota still have higher crime rates than the national average, even though the state as a whole is thought to be one of the safest in the country. This list uses information from the FBI. This information comes from the census and FBI figures about theft, murder, assaults, arson, robberies, and other crimes that happen each year compared to the population. Are you ready to find out which North Dakota places are the safest? (Ready as ever, right?)

The Worst Cities In North Dakota


The FBI says that Williston is the most dangerous place in North Dakota. It’s been called a “boomtown,” and people come from all over to work in the oil areas. There was also more crime when there were more people living there. Within the last year of records, there were 142 reports of serious crime and almost 600 reports of theft. Also, over 775 counts of property theft were made. It might be North Dakota’s worst city.


Fargo is next on the list. As the state’s biggest city, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has a higher crime rate than places with fewer people.


The third most dangerous city in North Dakota is Mandan, which is right next to Bismarck. With just under 23,000 people living there, there were 82 violent crimes, 70 aggravated attacks, and almost 700 thefts of property in 2019.


The FBI just released a list of North Dakota’s most dangerous towns. Our state capitol is ranked fourth on that list. The third city on the list, Mandan, is in the same metropolitan area as Bismarck, so their crime rates are close. In the last few years, violent crime has gone up. In 2018, 223 counts of violent crime were reported. But lately, things like property theft have gone down.

Devils Lake

Just over 7,000 people live in Devils Lake, making it one of North Dakota’s smaller cities. However, it is ranked fifth on the list of most dangerous places in the state. Real estate crimes and theft are some of the worst in the state in this area.

Grand Forks

There are six most dangerous cities in North Dakota. The third biggest city in the Peace Garden State is on the list. In Grand Forks, which has about 58,000 people, there were over 2,700 property crimes, burglaries, thefts, and auto thefts in the last year that the FBI kept track of.

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