North Carolina City is Named One of the Best in the Country for Beer

A city in North Carolina is one of the best in the country to get a beer, and it also has a great brewery. Asheville was named again as a top spot for beer drinkers. Along with Burial, the city is home to another one of the best small breweries, as revealed in a different list released on November 9. Craft Beer & Brewing magazine said that thousands of people filled out its annual poll, which is where the lists come from. People talked about “beers, breweries, styles, bars, and more” to help find the most popular drinks and the best places to get them.

Asheville came in at number four on the list of best places in the U.S. to find beer in the users’ choice awards that were made. Mountain town that lots of tourists love has been called a beer hot spot before.

One website that ranks places said that Asheville has “friendly” bars and “easy access to more than 100 local beers” this year. McClatchy News noted that in December 2022, another website praised the city for having a lot of breweries and tours of them.

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According to the most recent list, Burial was named No. 7 among the best small breweries in the country. A small brewery is one that makes less than 5,000 barrels of beer a year. Even though Burial has five sites in North Carolina, three of which are in Asheville, the magazine didn’t say which one was the best.

The band Burial got its start in Asheville, and now the city is where you can see where its music is made. The beer company said it has many types of beers on tap, “from modern, hop-forward IPAs to lagers based on tradition.” Some of the people who started Burial used to live in New Orleans, which is where the name comes from.

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Like its name, a few of Burial’s drinks have names that sound scary. For example, a sour beer called “The Separation of Light and Darkness” comes in a can with a figure that looks like the grim reaper on it. In general, Craft Beer & Brewing said that the Californian Green Cheek Beer Company was the best small brewery. And Chicago was voted the best city in the country for beer drinkers.

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