North Carolina City Has the Most Underrated Vacation Spot to Visit for One Day Trip

You’ve probably been to a lot of North Carolina’s most famous spots. What if there is a town that is so amazing to visit but doesn’t have its own PR team to tell you about it? Experts say this is the least-known city in North Carolina.

Prevention magazine made a list of places in the US that you should visit but don’t hear much about. I love finding new towns and going to new places to eat, do things, and enjoy their beauty for the first time. When families visit these spots, they often wonder, “Where has this town been all my life?”

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What North Carolina City Was Said to be the Most Underrated?

Duck, North Carolina

According to Prevention, Duck: “The Outer Banks have been underrated for a long time as a vacation spot for spring breakers and people who just want to get away from their busy lives. Duck is one of the best towns in the OBX.” You can relax on the beach, go fishing, or even try hang gliding. There is also a lot of fresh fish for people who like to eat. There is a lot more peace and quiet in Duck than in most other U.S. beach places, so you should go there.

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I agree without a doubt. As a child growing up in North Carolina, I remember how many springbreakers would go to Myrtle Beach. As a child, I always thought of the Outer Banks as one of the quieter beach places. As an adult, I think that’s what makes it so great. If you’re new, you should know that when we talk about North Carolina, we have to talk about South Carolina too. Which South Carolina city was told it was the least impressive? Yet another beach town!

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