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No underage liquor sales in New Windsor during sting operation

WINDSOR NEWS In New Windsor, it’s almost impossible for minors to partake in the tradition of purchasing alcoholic beverages with a fictitious ID. During a recent sting operation, the New Windsor Police Department deployed underage decoys into various establishments, preventing them from purchasing hangover-inducing beverages like Pink Champale and Old English malt liquors.

The New Windsor Police Department carried out an underage alcohol sales enforcement detail at 25 establishments in the community that had alcohol sales licenses on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. Underage spoofs were dispatched into the establishments as part of the detail, and they made an attempt to buy alcohol. According to Police Chief Daniel Valeri, the sale was rejected in each of the 25 tries.

The identical details from previous year’s results were again observed in 2023.

Dan Valeri, the chief of police, says his agency regularly informs business owners about the gravity of selling alcohol to minors and alerts them to the possibility of enforcement details.

Once again, we are delighted to witness perfect compliance. It’s clear that our initiatives in enforcement and education are having a beneficial effect. Chief Valeri mentioned that the same operation was carried out and the same outcomes were obtained in 2023.

“I am extremely happy to see no underage sales in this enforcement detail,” said Town Supervisor Bedetti. The New Windsor Police Department has collaborated closely with neighborhood establishments to inform them of the risks associated with selling alcohol to minors and the fact that such sales will not be allowed in our community. Excellent job by the local companies that refused to sell alcohol to minors as well as the New Windsor Police Department.

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