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Newburgh Mayor confirms cyber attack, incident still not resolved

NEWBURGH: Earlier this week, the City of Newburgh was the target of a cybersecurity attack, as verified by Mayor Torrance Harvey.

Hackers are thought to have demanded ransom for private data and city operations.

Harvey stated that the FBI, law enforcement, and a few highly skilled IT specialists are all investigating the matter. We’re taken aback since the group—whoever it is—usually targets big cities. I have no idea why they are keeping an eye on us. We recently got cyber insurance, thank heavens.

City of Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey.

Generally speaking, cyber insurance can shield a company or municipality from financial losses brought on by a cyberattack and can pay for losses brought on by data and network breaches, such as identity theft, cyberextortion, and other charges. A brief interruption of certain services was caused by a network security incident that the City declared early on Tuesday morning.

Permit fees, property taxes, water, sewer, sanitation, and parking tickets could not be processed or paid for by the City. Since the breach, services have been suspended at City Hall and 123 Grand Street; they will reopen on Friday. Emergency lines for the City Police and Fire departments are unaffected, and 911 calls are operating normally. Although the security breach may have affected both phone and email systems, residents can still contact City departments using the current phone numbers and emails.

Harvey claimed he had no idea what data had been stolen, when the issue would be fixed, or when the public would be able to access the offices once more.

Harvey stated that the probe is still ongoing. We’re not sure when City Hall will reopen, but people are asking. Our technical staff is working around the clock to solve the problems.

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