New Kentucky Law Will Help to Eliminate Ghost Cities, Has Many Small Cities

Imagine living in a city your whole life and then seeing it disappear one day. Kentucky is going through that process with many small towns right now, including five in the Local 6 area. This is because of a new law that was passed last year. People are going after cities like Blandville in Ballard County that don’t have working governments.

The move will give the county more money in the end. Bill 106 from 2022, which is now law, lets the state get rid of small towns. Every city had to file with the Department of Local Government by September 1, 2022.

Cities had another chance to file by October 15, 2022. After that, cities could be dissolved if they didn’t file by December 1, 2022. At the moment, the state is having public hearings before deciding whether to dissolve the cities. A lot of people don’t know about the meetings, though.

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Living in Blandville for 20 years, Rick Davis said, “Kind of like the quiet.” His job sent him there, and he’s since fallen in love with the cute town. He didn’t find out about the breakup until Wednesday. “No, I haven’t seen anything in the mail, and I haven’t talked to anybody who has mentioned it,” he told me. He said that he wished the state would let people in the neighbourhood know about its plans.

“If it’s going to affect whatever, however it’s going to affect us, I sure would like to know beforehand,” he stated. Charles Redden, a former mayor of Blandville, said he doesn’t agree with the separation because the city has a lot of history. “This was the seed for Ballard County, right here in Blandville,” said Redden. He can’t imagine a world without Blandville.

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“To a certain extent, yes, because my heart is right here in good ole Blandville,” he stated. A lot of people in Blandville that Local 6 talked to said they didn’t know about the possible breakup and wished they could have been a part of the chat.

The law says that a city that is running normally with good leaders and following the right money rules will not be broken up. State law says that people who live in towns with governments that don’t work have to get mail about the public hearings. The warning should also be put on the websites of all the cities.

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