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Natural gas “blow-off” frightens neighborhood – inundates Dutchess 911

WAPPINGER TOWN At at 6:48 p.m., Dutchess County 911 got complaints of a loud hissing sound and a gas stench in the Edge Hill development between All Angels Hill Road and Monfort Road. Several fire agencies and police departments were dispatched to the Town of Wappinger community.

A resident of the neighborhood and member of the New Hackensack Fire Department reported that the natural gas blow-off was so strong that it was shaking trees in the next neighborhood. The leak, according to another fire officer, sounded like a helicopter landing in their garden.

To give officials time to decide on the best course of action, a staging area for emergency vehicles was set up near Pye Lane and Vorndran Drive. State troopers, along with firefighters and equipment from the Hughsonville and East Fishkill fire departments, provided assistance to the New Hackensack fire department.

After investigating, it was discovered that Central Hudson Gas & Electric was performing maintenance in the vicinity. To fix a natural gas transmission line behind 49 Hillcrest Court, they carried out a controlled blow-off without informing the surrounding residents, the fire department, or Dutchess County 911.

The firefighters used gas meters to go door-to-door in the neighborhood after they had reached the utility personnel. They used these meters to evaluate the purity of the air inside the homes and to let the inhabitants know about Central Hudson’s controlled blow-off.

First responders spent a considerable amount of time in the neighborhood on Thursday night due to the event.

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