Home News Nanny sentenced to jail for assault on baby

Nanny sentenced to jail for assault on baby

Nanny sentenced to jail for assault on baby

WHITE STRIPE A nanny from White Plains was sentenced to six months in prison on Monday for the careless assault of a three-month-old child under her supervision.

According to Westchester District Attorney Miriam Rocah, Nija Woodbury, 23, entered a guilty plea to the felony of recklessly assaulting a minor in July. She received a five-year probationary sentence in addition to her prison term.

On January 10, 2023, around 5:00 p.m., Woodbury, a nanny for a family in Mount Pleasant, violently shook and bounced the child without giving him any support for his head.

The victim’s mother saw that the youngster was in an unusual position on the baby monitor after the nanny had put him back in his cot.

The mother dialed 911 as soon as she realized the infant was losing consciousness, going blue, and not responding.

Throughout that time, Woodbury was there but remained silent about what she had done to the child before.

After being taken to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, the man kept having seizures and throwing up. Bilateral subdural hematomas and bilateral retinal hemorrhages, signs of a shaken newborn, were found on CT scans.

The child spent a week in the pediatric intensive care unit receiving treatment for traumatic head trauma.

Through forensic examination of Woodbury’s phone, the district attorney’s office was able to recover deleted texts from earlier that day that expressed her annoyance at the infant’s incessant wailing.

She told police she had shaken and bounced the infant in a way she knew wasn’t safe after being confronted with her deleted messages.

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