Home News Mystery surrounds skeletal remains found in Patterson

Mystery surrounds skeletal remains found in Patterson

Mystery surrounds skeletal remains found in Patterson

PATTERSON—Karen Ramsey, whose maiden name was Angelillo, was recognized by State Police as the owner of the skeletal remains discovered during excavation work at the site of a new house constructed near the Patterson-Southeast town boundary last month.

In May 1980, Ramsey, a resident of Southeast, vanished from sight.

The Brewster barracks troopers were informed last month about the discovery of human remains at the site during excavation work.

The inquiry is still in its early stages, according to State Police Troop K Public Information Officer Trooper A.J. Hicks, but detectives have established that the unidentified remains are that of a white girl between the ages of 16 and 28 who had considerable dental treatment. The victim is thought to have passed away more than ten years ago.

Investigators from the Carmel Police Department and the New York State Police stated a week after the remains were found that the DNA sample they had taken did not fit the missing Robin Murphy’s profile.

One of the most mysterious disappearances in Putnam County’s history is that of the 17-year-old teen in 1995.

Murphy was last seen at the Shop-Rite Plaza on Route 52 at the Carmel-Kent boundary, and he vanished without a trace on the evening of April 9, 1995.

Her lover worked at the Burger King nearby, and she had planned to meet him there, but it never happened. A few days later, Robin’s wallet and keys were discovered in a grassy area behind the shopping center, while her mother’s car was discovered in the parking lot.

Police have been looking for clues that could have led to Murphy’s discovery in the vicinity of Ice Pond Road on foot, by air, and with dogs on multiple occasions over the years, but they have been unsuccessful. Officers searched the Tilly Foster Mine as well.

Reliable local law enforcement sources stated at the time that Ramsey was not even listed as missing while her husband’s first wife passed away inexplicably, despite the fact that State Police withheld additional information.

Hicks urged anyone with information to provide 845-677-7300 to the State Police Troop K headquarters.

According to a police official, the investigation is still underway and will be updated as new details come to light.

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