Multiple Northwest Ohio Schools Security has Been Increased Across Deemed Non-credible

Multiple school districts and law enforcement agencies said Sunday night that the FBI is looking into email bomb threats sent to several Ohio schools that were later deemed not to be real.

Officials say the emails said they came from a Russian group that was trying to attack American schools. It was found that the emails were part of a swatting operation by the Ohio Homeland Security/Terrorism Analysis Unit and the Statewide Terrorism Analysis & Crime Center.

Some school districts, like Sandusky City Schools, sent messages to parents on Sunday night to let them know that they are keeping an eye on things and taking the threats seriously. Leaders at Sandusky said Monday that they will be doing business as usual while the probe goes on.

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Officials from Lake Local Schools said that they were among the people who got the bomb threat. As a safety measure, police cleared their buildings on Sunday and did a “comprehensive search” of the school buildings. Superintendent of Lake Local Schools Jim Witt told parents that there will be more cops on campus on Monday.

Police say that Findlay City Schools also got threats via email. As a safety measure, the school buildings were searched thoroughly. In the next few days, Findlay police also plan to make security tighter. Officers said that school will be open as usual on Monday.

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There have been more “successful phishing emails and ransomware attacks across the state of Ohio within the last week,” according to Findlay police. This has made officials closely watch their software systems. Parents of Anthony Wayne got an email saying that the emails were sent to several schools in the area. Additionally, Fremont cops said they will be present at more schools on Monday throughout the day.

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