Mother of MS-13 Victim Honored by Trump Tragically Murdered at Daughter's Death Site

On Friday, May 31, 2024, Law and Crime reported that Annmarie Drago, 63, entered a guilty plea to criminally negligent murder for hitting Evelyn Rodriguez, 50, fatally with her car on September 14, 2018.

The event happened where MS-13 gang members had brutally murdered Rodriguez’s 16-year-old daughter Kayla Cuevas two years prior.

The argument between Drago and Rodriguez arose from Drago’s demolition of a monument dedicated to Cuevas.

Although prosecutors recommended a sentence of one to three years in jail, Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney indicated that Drago is expected to receive five years of probation when she is sentenced on August 1.

After suffering numerous painful losses, Tierney expressed hope that the petition would provide the Rodriguez family some closure and serenity.

The incident started when Drago—who was involved in the sale of a nearby house—took things away from the memorial set up in Cuevas’s honor. These items included candles, flowers, vases, a tablecloth, and a picture of the teen who died.

After packing the things into her SUV, Drago departed the area but came back shortly after.

After Rodriguez got back, she confronted Drago and demanded the return of the memorial objects. Rodriguez had learned about the scenario from media people who were recording for a vigil that night.

Rodriguez was standing in front of Drago’s car when the altercation got more heated. Drago accelerated, knocking Rodriguez to the ground and running over her.

Rodriguez’s skull was broken in the collision, and she sadly passed away from her wounds at a local hospital.

A New York appeals court had initially overturned Drago’s conviction in 2022 due to inappropriate remarks made by the prosecution during summation.

When the jury in a retrial in October reached a deadlock, the prosecution decided to move forward with a third trial. However, Drago submitted a guilty plea on Friday, delaying the start of the third trial.

“Fight or flight,” the defense lawyer declared, suggesting that Drago was trying to escape a difficult environment. While Evelyn and Freddy were there to fight, Drago was not There was nothing sensible to do but take flight.”

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In response, the prosecution said that Drago was “running away from guilt” rather than being afraid.

After MS-13 gang members killed Kayla Cuevas and her best friend, 15-year-old Nisa Mickens, in 2016, Rodriguez became an outspoken opponent of gang activity.

The girls were violently attacked and hunted down to an elementary school; the next day, their remains were found.

At a roundtable discussion on immigration policy in 2018, then-President Donald Trump invited Rodriguez and Nisa’s family to talk about the brutal crimes committed by the MS-13 gang after learning about the horrific crime.

After experiencing unfathomable loss, the Rodriguez family feels some closure as a result of the plea.

In his statement, Suffolk County District Attorney Tierney restated his office’s commitment to supporting Rodriguez in his battle against gang violence and ensuring everyone’s safety on the streets.

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