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Monthly meter reading begins for thousands of Central Hudson customers

POUGHKEEPSIE Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. will move about 63,000 customers in Ulster County to a regular monthly meter reading schedule as part of the next phase of its monthly meter reading implementation plan.

Customers in Denning, Esopus, Hurley, Kingston, Marbletown, Olive, Rochester, Rosendale, Saugerties, Ulster, Wawarsing, and Woodstock received communications from Central Hudson. Notification was also sent to customers in Sullivan County’s Neversink.

To complete this change, customers are not required to take any action.

Many of our clients are finding it difficult to deal with the habit of receiving invoices that include estimates every two months, according to Christopher Capone, President and CEO of Central Hudson. We understand their concerns, and we think that having monthly meter readings will provide customers peace of mind that their monthly bill actually corresponds with their actual usage. This, in our opinion, is a vital step toward rebuilding confidence in Central Hudson.

Central Hudson has come under heavy fire from the state Public Service Commission for both the projected billing and the numerous billing errors that resulted in customers receiving noticeably higher than usual charges.

The third step of the utility’s planned implementation plan involves transitioning the towns in Central Hudson’s Kingston Operating District to a monthly meter reading schedule. This is the largest section of customers to move over to date. After it’s finished, around one-third of Central Hudson’s clients will have monthly plans for reading their meters.

Municipalities in the Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Fishkill operating districts are expected to switch to monthly meter reading schedules in the spring of 2024, according to Central Hudson. To finish the implementation, municipalities in the Catskill operational district will be converted in the summer of 2024.

Every Central Hudson operational district has a map that can be found here.

According to the company, the requirement for projected bills would not completely disappear with the switch to monthly meter reading schedules. An estimated bill may still be generated in some situations, such as extreme weather that results in widespread outages or situations where a representative is unable to access a meter to acquire a reading.

Click here to find out more about Central Hudson’s monthly plan for reading meters.

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