Moms for Liberty cofounder refuses to quit from Sarasota school board

Bridget Ziegler, a cofounder of the conservative parents group Moms for Liberty, declined to resign from the Sarasota school board Tuesday night, despite tremendous pressure from the board and dozens of community members.

All four board members, including two endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, voted to remove Ziegler from her position amid revelations about her personal life as her husband, Florida GOP chair Christian Ziegler, is being investigated for alleged rape.

Bridget Ziegler, however, remained defiant in the face of the board’s public admonition, despite the fact that the board lacks the legal ability to remove her.

“I am dissatisfied. “I serve on another public board, and this issue did not come up, and we were able to move forward with board business,” Bridget Ziegler said at the meeting, referring to her role on the board that oversees Walt Disney Co.’s special land district.

Moms for Liberty cofounder refuses to quit from Sarasota school board

Bridget Ziegler informed police during the rape and s*xual abuse investigation against her husband that she, her husband, and the lady making the s*xual assault charges had s*x a year ago.

Christian Ziegler and the victim have known each other for more than 20 years, according to an arrest warrant document. Christian Ziegler and Bridget Ziegler attempted to arrange a tryst with the victim on the day of the alleged encounter, but she backed out when she realized Bridget Ziegler couldn’t come.

Although Bridget Ziegler is not accused of any illegal behavior, her detractors have labeled her a hypocrite because she is an outspoken supporter of traditional family values and a Florida law that prohibits teachers from leading classroom instruction on s*xual orientation and gender identity, known as “Don’t Say, Gay.”

Ziegler rose to national notoriety as a co-founder of Moms for Liberty and was backed by Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2022 school board election. DeSantis also appointed her to the Florida board that governs Disney World in Orlando.

Aside from the result, the Ziegler inquiry is already having consequences. A Moms for Liberty branch in Pennsylvania separated from the national organization earlier this month, with its chair telling a local news station that “it’s hard to advocate for parental rights when the co-founder is caught up in the scandal.”

Bridget Ziegler resigned as vice president of school board programming at the Leadership Institute, an organization dedicated to assisting conservatives running for office, last week.

Moms for Liberty cofounder refuses to quit from Sarasota school board

The board meeting in Sarasota was contentious from the outset, with dozens of protestors lining up outside in the afternoon, demanding Ziegler’s resignation. One person was holding a sign that stated, “Don’t say 3-way.”

The student representative on the board was instructed not to attend the meeting, and student performances that were scheduled were canceled owing to the board addressing an adult-related resolution.

Tom Edwards, the board’s lone Democrat, advocated for Bridget Ziegler to leave for producing the “distraction du jour in a long list of distractions” that drew unwanted attention to the school district.

“For me, as chair of the school board, it’s not about the left, it’s not about the right — it’s about students,” said Karen Rose, who introduced the resolution denouncing Bridget Ziegler.

Bridget Ziegler spoke briefly at the meeting, aiming to call attention to how the board has passed a few resolutions in recent years, many of which were related to political objectives. She also mentioned how the resolution is non-binding, leaving her powerless to quit.

“This does not have any teeth, is that correct?” Ziegler questioned the board’s attorney in her first public comments since the inquiry was made public.

Only DeSantis has the authority to remove a school board member, and it’s unclear whether the Republican governor is considering taking action against Bridget Ziegler. DeSantis, on the other hand, has urged that Christian Ziegler resign as GOP head while the rape inquiry is ongoing.

Bridget Ziegler supporters who attended the meeting branded the board’s action against her a “political charade.” One Republican member of the school board was chastised for joining the “woke mob” against Ziegler, asking, “Et tu, Brute?”

“This meeting is devoted to a motion that has no more authority than I would have if I stood out in the street,” said Martin Hyde, a Sarasota Republican dubbed the “mini-Donald Trump.”

Others came to the meeting looking for a “pound of flesh” from Ziegler for her previous support of rules that LGBTQ+ supporters say are damaging to students and make them feel alone and embarrassed.

“Participation in same-s*x activity is not shameful,” Nick Machuca of the LQBTQ+ advocacy group Equality Florida told a crowd outside before the meeting.

“However, Bridget Ziegler has done so while simultaneously dehumanizing our community and working tirelessly to implement policies that directly marginalize us.” That is unacceptable hypocrisy.”

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