Missing Girl Found, Kidnapper Arrested

TEXARKANA, Texas (KETK) – A young boy whose mother said he was missing was caught trying to break into a store in Texarkana. When a mother called the Texarkana Police Department, she said that her son was missing. Officials said they got an alarm call from a business on North Stateline Avenue, just a few blocks away, while police were at the house with the mother.

A police officer said that when he got to the scene, one of the business doors had been broken glass, but it didn’t look like anyone had gone inside. Police said surveillance footage showed a man in a black hoodie and no shoes walk up to the door, throw a big rock at it, and then get a crowbar because the rock didn’t work. Police say the suspect was seen running out of the store after hitting the door once with the crowbar.

A short time later, the missing child was reported to have returned to the house “drenched in sweat and barefoot.” Police said the teen tried to tell his mom and officers that he was at the house the whole time, but “that story fell apart very quickly” when an officer found a black hoodie and crowbar next to the road just north of the house.

Police said there was a lot of evidence that the juvenile was responsible for the attempted robbery. But the mother was shown a screenshot from the security footage and confirmed that the suspect in the video was, in fact, her son. This young person was caught and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center on a charge of criminal mischief.

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