Missing NY child found after tip warned she may be in Virginia

The 3-year-old girl who was abducted from Staten Island and thought to be in Virginia has been discovered, but the person suspected of abducting her has not.

On Monday, Virginia State Police issued an alert on behalf of the New York City Police Department, informing them that Kadence France was gone, likely in Virginia, and posed a credible threat to her health and safety. The youngster was last seen with Randalae Rhodes, 26, on Saturday, December 16, according to the warning.

France was returned to a police precinct in the city on Monday, after being missing for two days.

France’s father, who did not want to be identified, said PIX11 News that Rhodes is France’s mother, but he has custody. He was supposed to meet Rhodes to take the child Christmas shopping on the day the daughter was abducted. He and the child were walking around his neighborhood.

Missing NY child found after tip warned she may be in Virginia

“She called out my daughter’s name,” he claimed of Rhodes. My daughter approached her. She bolted. She snatched her and threw her in the car. I reached toward the door. “She just pulls off,” the father explained to PIX11.

He speculated that Rhodes would relocate to Virginia because she has other children who live there with their father.

According to PIX11 News, the father was able to persuade Rhodes to send their daughter to her aunt in New Jersey, who subsequently delivered her to a State Island police precinct.

The blue Honda that VSP had warned Rhodes about was discovered abandoned near Virginia Beach, according to Wavy 10 News, but Rhodes had yet to be found as of Monday evening.

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