Miami Will Soon Have Electric Seaglider Service to the Caribbean

REGENT, an electric seaglider company, and Surf Air Mobility, a regional air mobility platform, have announced a partnership to introduce electric seaglider travel choices from Miami, Florida. The business offers to provide transportation from several locations in Southern Florida to the Caribbean Islands.

According to the statement, around nine million people pass through the region each year via air, ferry, train, and vehicle. The seaglider service may serve a 1.5 million passenger market each year, with flights linking coastal regions with key transportation hubs like as Miami International Airport (MIA) and PortMiami, the city’s seaport located at the mouth of the Miami River. Surf Air Mobility’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Stan Little, stated,

“REGENT seagliders are a great solution to the growing transportation needs of residents and visitors in Miami and South Florida.”

Little also stated that by using Surf Air’s platform and supplying REGENT with electric seagliders, both firms“can unlock new routes along Florida’s coastal corridors” to supplement Surf Air’s present network.

Sustainable transportation vision

Mokulele Airlines, a subsidiary of Southern Airways that was recently bought by Surf Air Mobility, will get Viceroy seagliders from REGENT. The aircraft seats 12 passengers and has a range of up to 160 nautical miles (300 kilometers) while cruising at 160 knots (300 kilometers per hour), according to the manufacturer.

REGENT co-founder and CEO Billy Thalheimer stated that he is “thrilled” to have Surf Air as a partner in Southern Florida, adding that public officials and infrastructure suppliers share the two firms’ common goal for sustainable mobility in Miami. Miami-Dade County Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Oliver Gilbert stated,

“Miami-Dade County is leading the way in building a vibrant economy, environment, and transportation system that serves our rapidly growing population.”

Gilbert further stated that introducing an electric seaglider service can only benefit the state and region’s economies, serving as an example for other metro regions looking to promote new mobility technology.

Making use of the ground effect

Miami Will Soon Have Electric Seaglider Service to the Caribbean

According to the firm, REGENT’s Viceroy Seaglider, its lone product under development at the moment, runs solely on water. The aircraft may fly in three modes: hull, hydrofoil, and ground effect flight. While battery technology currently limits the range, the company stated that additional advances might increase the Viceroy’s maximum range to 400 NM (740.8 km).

The electric seaglider is set to enter service in 2025, with full-scale prototypes set to begin testing in 2024, according to REGENT. In addition to passenger services, the Viceroy is capable of transporting freight, as well as visitors on visual excursions and transportation to offshore rigs, according to the business.

Furthermore, REGENT envisions the Viceroy in military air medical and defense operations, with the latter benefiting from a “low-signature flight” profile and serving as a sensor and communications relay.

Meanwhile, Surf Air Mobility, located in Los Angeles, California, is working to increase regional mobility inside the country. The operator of the largest commuter airline in the United States also intends to minimize the cost and environmental effect of regional travel by developing powertrain technology with its partners in order to electrify its existing fleet of aircraft.

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