Member of the US Army Reserve killed 22, US Police Launch Massive Manhunt for Rampage Shooter

A terrible wave of fear swept through Maine when a man named Robert Card went on a shooting spree, killing at least 22 people and injuring many more. This horrifying incident shocked the community, leading to a massive search for the armed and dangerous attacker.

The tragic events began when Card was caught on camera carrying a semi-automatic weapon with an extended clip as he entered a bowling alley in Lewiston. Despite being a certified firearms instructor and a member of the US Army Reserve, he turned a peaceful evening into chaos and tragedy.

Member of the US Army Reserve killed 22, US Police Launch Massive Manhunt for Rampage Shooter


City councilor Robert McCarthy confirmed the grim reality, stating that 22 people had died and many were injured in multiple shootings across Lewiston. As a result, parts of the city were put on lockdown, businesses were told to close, and residents were instructed to stay indoors as the police searched for the gunman.

Public safety official Mike Sauschuck, recognizing the severity of the situation, did not provide a specific death toll, emphasizing that it was an ongoing situation. He informed the media that hundreds of police officers were working tirelessly across the state to investigate the case and find Robert Card.

Emergency vehicles rushed to central Maine to help the wounded, with hospitals in Lewiston calling in all available off-duty staff to deal with the aftermath. President Joe Biden interrupted a state dinner to offer federal support to Maine’s leaders.


Member of the US Army Reserve killed 22, US Police Launch Massive Manhunt for Rampage Shooter

The Central Maine Medical Center became a focal point with armed police guarding it, where some of the wounded were being treated. Several educational institutions, including Bates College, canceled classes in response to the tragedy.

Reports indicated that police and rescuers were responding to multiple locations, including a bowling alley and a bar. Card, seen in photos calmly entering the bowling alley with his rifle raised, is still at large, leading law enforcement to ask for information on his whereabouts.

The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department confirmed two active shooter events and urged businesses to lock down or close. This incident adds to the alarming number of mass shootings in the United States, which has seen over 500 such incidents this year alone, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Despite widespread outrage, the political deadlock on gun control persists, making this the deadliest mass shooting of 2023.

Lewiston, the second-largest city in Maine, is now grappling with the aftermath of this heartbreaking tragedy, leaving its citizens, leaders, and the nation in shock over yet another senseless act of violence.

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