Home News Mayor’s Facebook page hacked, used in scam (VIDEO)

Mayor’s Facebook page hacked, used in scam (VIDEO)

Mayor’s Facebook page hacked, used in scam (VIDEO)
Litter of French Bulldog puppies advertised for sale by hackers on the mayor s Facebook page

WURTSBORO—According to Frank Sisco, the mayor of the Village of Wurtsboro, “they were using my name, so people were getting upset with me; they were trying to find me and were accusing me of doing this.” Sisco is speaking of things that were for sale on his Facebook page, which was taken over by hackers who pretended to be in order to trick prospective customers.

A ride-on John Deere lawnmower and a litter of French bulldog puppies were among the things that unknown hackers posted for sale under Sisco’s name. Sisco never had these things or marketed them for sale; acquaintances told him about the swindle, which is how he learned about the issue. Sisco claims that the hacker was asking for payments to be made before the things were delivered.

The mayor made an effort to contact Facebook for help after learning about the issue, but this proved to be difficult.

He claimed that despite going through all of the reporting methods available on the website, nothing was successful. There is no means to contact Facebook directly, and there is no phone number to call in order to speak with a representative.

Cybercrimes are on the rise in Sullivan County and the surrounding area, according to Sullivan County Sheriff Mike Schiff.

According to Schiff, people are losing money while making these down payments and purchases. It is advised that you get to know the seller, speak with them directly, or use a traditional vendor who will confirm the seller’s legitimacy and sales history.

Sisco feels that the swindle has hurt his reputation.

Sisco claimed, “Even though I eventually managed to contact most of these people and straighten it out, it’s ruining my name because everyone was thinking it was me.” I’m not even sure how many people there are that may have done anything that I’m not even aware of.

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