Man Died in A Hospital in Utah After a Huge Crash

According to the Idaho State Police, a 66-year-old man died in a Utah hospital after being hurt in a 30-car crash in southern Idaho earlier this week. The accident with multiple cars happened on Monday night on Interstate 86 when there was a lot of fog on the road. Police said that cars quickly slowed down on the highway when fog suddenly made it hard to see.

In a statement, police said, “Commercial and personal vehicles collided, setting off a chain reaction of about 30 vehicles.”

 man Died in A Hospital in Utah After a Huge Crash

The man, who is 66 years old, was taken to a nearby hospital and then sent to Utah for more medical care. He died later from his wounds. Police have not yet released more information about the other people who were hurt and taken to the hospital.

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The man’s identity has not been made public; he is originally from American Falls, Idaho. The exact reason why the plane crashed is still being looked into. The police say they need time to look over all the proof.

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