Lynchburg City School Board Doubles Down Upon Rejecting an LGBTQ+ Grant

This week things didn’t get better at the Lynchburg City School Board. The adults who were elected to help kids instead hit them harder. It had been a month since the Virginia school board turned down a $10,000 grant from a global nonprofit that helps LGBTQ teens with their mental health because of their own bias. In response to the outrage from the community, they did something even stranger: they put off a $5,000 grant from Dick’s Sporting Goods for middle school volleyball equipment.

It started with gay people, and now it’s volleyball. Some of them said it was all about the giver and pushed even harder for their plan to look at every grant with fresh eyes. It’s kind of like “All Grants Matter.”

Is there something wrong with Dick’s? That’s what board member Christian DePaul asked to start a conversation. A quiet wave of snickers from the standing-room-only crowd at the meeting on Tuesday night cut him off. There were rainbow flags, parents, and kids in the room when the board president slammed his gavel and gave a stark warning.

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DePaul was one of seven board members who decided last month to turn down the grant that students had won from the It Gets Better Project to make a calming room at E.C. Glass High School that would be open to all students. They had earlier asked to “clear the room” of the public at the public meeting, but they didn’t.

Then he got more and more angry as he tried to explain this new way of thinking. He spoke irritably, making more people laugh and whistle. “Let’s bring it up and talk about it if there’s something wrong with Dicks Sporting Goods,” he said.

Okay, let’s.

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While reading about the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., Dick’s CEO Ed Stack made headlines across the country in 2018 when he removed assault-style weapons from the store’s stock, stating, “I don’t want to be part of the story anymore.”

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