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Lopane and Bolner nominated for domestic violence committee

PUCKHKEEPSIE Two people were appointed to the Citizens Advisory Committee on Domestic Violence by the Dutchess County Legislature’s Family and Human Services Committee. On February 13, the board will convene and vote on the two nominees by the entire legislature.

Angela Lopane, the chief of the Dutchess County District Attorney’s Special Victims Unit (SVU), is the DA’s nominee to the committee. Prosecutor Lopane worked in the SVU from 2002 to 2013, when she was transferred to the drugs section. She has over ten years of expertise prosecuting cases involving child abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other horrible crimes. Lopane, who was appointed SVU Bureau Chief by Dutchess DA Anthony Parisi earlier this year, is in charge of supporting victims of child abuse, spousal abuse, and other crimes throughout Dutchess County. As a result of Senior Assistant DA Kristine Whelan’s departure from the DA’s office in January, Lopane has been nominated to the domestic violence committee.

Donna Bolner, a former Dutchess County legislator who served on the legislative body for 14 years, has been appointed to the domestic violence committee to represent citizens. During her tenure, Bolner—a professional educator—acted as the legislature’s legislative liaison to the Citizens Advisory Committee on Domestic Violence.

About Lopane’s appointment as SVU Chief, County DA Anthony Parisi stated that domestic violence damages communities from the inside out. In order to try to build healthy families and communities for the future, we must strive to do our share to restore safety for those who have been scarred by this violence today.

The Citizens Advisory Committee on Domestic Violence is a highly significant committee, much like the other advisory committees, according to Legislative Chairman Will Truitt. Our serving members are highly engaged in the community and have a strong understanding of public safety. They make sure that we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our families safe in Dutchess County.

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