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Local reps respond to State of the Union address

Local reps respond to State of the Union address

Washington, D.C. In front of a joint session of Congress on Thursday night, President Joe Biden gave his yearly State of the Union address. Reproductive rights, international policy, and the economy were the main topics of Biden’s speech. Without mentioning the former president by name, he also disparaged Donald Trump.

Local members of Congress responded to Biden’s address with great promptitude.

Rather than giving a State of the Union address tonight, Republican Mike Lawler (NY–17) argued that President Biden gave a campaign speech that further polarized our nation. The President gaslights the country with his failed economic policies, his awful handling of our Southern Border, and a foreign strategy that appeases our enemies and undermines our allies—instead of providing a sound vision for the future and paving a bipartisan road ahead. The President missed the mark at a time of deep division and world upheaval.

Democrat Pat Ryan (NY-18) stated, “President Biden presented a vision for this country last night that is forward-looking and optimistic, which contrasts sharply with the divisive and grievance-filled rhetoric of former President Trump.” My two children and I would like a President that is hopeful, considers their prospects, and envisions a brighter future for the Hudson Valley as a whole. The most common complaint I hear from people is that, despite their best efforts, earnings aren’t keeping up with expenditures, which are still too high. The fact that the President confronted these issues head-on and demanded real action to increase salaries, cut living expenses, and eventually compel large corporations and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair part is what most impressed me about his remarks.

Republicans Marc Molinaro (NY-19) stated, “Upstate New Yorkers are aware that the President’s claims about the strength of the union are untrue.” The cost of living is still rising, crime is still a major issue, and the border is still open even though the President currently has the executive authority to close it. I’m willing to engage in bipartisan talks and cooperate with President Biden if he determines he wants to tackle these challenges sincerely and honestly.

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