Local Leaders Appointed to Texas Optometry Board

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has put Mala Sharma and Steven Nguyen, O.D. on the Texas Optometry Board. Bill Thompson, O.D. has been given the job again. On January 31, 2029, their terms will end. The new chair of the Board is Ronald L. Hopping, O.D. The Board is in charge of hiring and regulating optometrists in Texas.

Mala Sharma is an attorney who works in Houston. Sharma & Associates, P.C., where she works, focuses on personal injury civil lawsuits. She was president of the Houston Northwest Bar Association and vice president of the South Asian Bar Association. Sharma went to the University of Houston and got a Bachelor of Business Administration. He then went to Southern Methodist University and got his Juris Doctor.

Southwest Dallas Eyecare is run by Steven Nguyen, O.D., who is also its president and owner. He was chosen to be on the Board. He was the head of the Las Colinas Association and president of the Texas Optometric Association when he died. Nguyen went to the University of Houston and got both a Bachelor of Science and a Doctor of Optometry in optometry.

 Texas Optometry Board

That’s Bill Thompson, O.D., who owns Buckner Vision and is an eye doctor. He has been put back on the Board. At the U.S. Army Hospital in Wurzburg, Germany, he was in charge of eye care. Thompson graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Bachelor of Science in biology. He then went to Southern College of Optometry and got his Doctor of Optometry.

This is Ron Hopping, O.D., who runs Hopping Eye Associates, LLP. He is now the Board’s chair. As an optometrist, he specializes in treating glaucoma and other eye problems. Hopping went to Kenyon College and got a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. He then went to The University of Texas School of Public Health and got a Master of Public Health and a Doctor of Optometry.

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