Lionel Messi's Earns $20.4 million by Major League Soccer Inter Miami Deal

Lionel Messi’s annualized salary from his Major League Soccer deal with Inter Miami is slightly more than $20.4 million, according to the MLS Players Association on Wednesday.

Messi makes more than the total payroll of all but three other MLS teams and twice as much as all of Orlando City’s players combined.

According to the Players Association’s 2023 salary update, the 36-year-old great has a $12 million basic salary and total guaranteed compensation of $20,446,667.

Those estimates include Messi’s MLS contract, which continues through the 2025 season, as well as any marketing bonuses and agent’s fees. They exclude any new agreements with the team or its affiliates, as well as any performance bonuses.

He has the highest overall salary in MLS, followed by Lorenzo Insigne of Toronto at $15.4 million, Xherdan Shaqiri of Chicago at $8,153,000, Javier Hernández of the LA Galaxy at $7,443,750, Federico Bernardeschi of Toronto at $6,295,381 and Sebastián Driussi of Austin at $6,022,500.

Miami leads the league in total guaranteed compensation with a $39.4 million payroll, followed by Toronto at $32.3 million, the LA Galaxy at $25 million, and the LAFC at $20.8 million.

Messi makes more than twice as much as Orlando City’s $9.6 million payroll, which is the lowest in the league. He is responsible for 4% of the MLS’s total pay of $501.9 million.

Messi has played 283 minutes and scored one goal in three league starts and five outings for Miami. He also scored 10 goals in seven games to help the squad win the first Leagues Cup.

At $4,391,667, Josef Martnez is Miami’s second-highest-paid player.

Messi’s former Barcelona colleagues who joined him in Miami are receiving far less. Sergio Busquets earns $1.5 million and receives $1.775,000 in guaranteed income, while Jordi Alba earns $1 million and receives $1.25 million in guaranteed compensation.

Minnesota forward Teemu Pukki ($3.2 million salary and $3.55 million total compensation), Nashville forward Sam Surridge ($2.5 million, $2,907,639), Columbus forward Diego Rossi ($2,625,000, $2,677,000), and Atlanta midfielder Saba Lobzhanidze ($2,052,000, $2,150,750) were among the notable MLS midsummer acquisitions.

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