Home News Liberty Mall comes to life with Spring Market (VIDEO)

Liberty Mall comes to life with Spring Market (VIDEO)

Liberty Mall comes to life with Spring Market (VIDEO)

LIBERTY: On Saturday, hundreds of vendors opened up shop at the Liberty Mall, showcasing their goods to a constant stream of patrons. Both shoppers and vendors relished the indoor shopping experience on a wet day.

Dawn Green from Liberty said it was nice to see the mall, which is vacant, in use. I wish they would do more with this place, it has been here for many years.
David Cila from Neversink added, It s finally good to see people in here, it s been way to quiet here and way too closed down so this adds a lot more life and things to the community. He said the food at the market was awesome.
Vendors were happy too, Janet Fishman-Palmer from the Funky Hippy Chic Boutique said, We have a chance to show our wares and what s for sale and people in the community get to know what is going on in the county.
Jennifer McBride, the owner of Jennifer Autumn Creations said that the market is held twice per year, once in the Spring and once around the Holiday season. McBride said, It s nice to have the community gather and get everybody out for a fun day.
Roberta Byron-Lockwood, the President and CEO of the Catskill Visitors Association, said events like the Spring Market are important for the county. Purchase local products, enjoy a little bit of Sunday eat, and just mingle with everybody. It s just a good time all the way around.
One of the market s happiest customers, Abagail, picked out a dinosaur puzzle and butterfly pin, bringing a little bit of sunshine on what was otherwise a cloudy, rainy day.

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