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Letter to the Editor: Support Didi Barrett in the upcoming Democratic primary

Letter to the Editor:  Support Didi Barrett in the upcoming Democratic primary

Editor’s Note:

Registered Democrats will vote for the candidate they wish to see on the ballot for the November General Election in the Democratic Primary on June 25th for AD 106. That candidate, in my opinion, ought to be Didi Barrett, the current assemblymember.

Currently serving her sixth term in the Assembly, Assemblymember Barrett is the first Democrat to represent this region. During her time working as a public servant, she has introduced or co-sponsored legislation that has frequently been ground-breaking while also listening to the questions and concerns of her constituents at Didi’s Diner Stop events.

Didi Barrett approved legislation in 2016 to provide community education, outreach, financing for research, and expanded care and treatment for tick-borne illnesses that have impacted so many residents in response to the crisis level of Lyme Disease in Columbia and Dutchess counties.

Didi collaborated with farmers and environmentalists in 2019 to enact the nation’s first regenerative agriculture laws, establishing a trial program to support sustainable farming methods throughout the Hudson Valley. These methods support the prosperity of Hudson Valley farmers by improving the resilience and health of the soil.

Didi Barrett, who chaired the soldiers Committee, extended services for soldiers and their families and opened the state’s first Department of Veterans Affairs, assisting veterans in submitting claims.

Didi keeps up her good work in the areas of the environment, education, affordable housing, shielding families from gun violence, and defending healthcare and reproductive rights. As part of a formidable group of contenders on the November ballot, she can emerge victorious in the General Election as an accomplished leader and champion.

On Primary Election Day, June 25, Democrats in AD 106 may cast their ballots in person at their neighborhood polling place, in person from June 15–23 during early voting, or by requesting an early mail-in or absentee ballot from their County Board of Elections.

Voting for Didi Barrett will help our state and nation move forward at a time when democracy is in jeopardy because of his track record of leadership.

Stephanie Sussman, New York City

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