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Letter to the Editor: People’s report

Letter to the Editor:  People’s report


You can hardly imagine how shocked I was to discover A People’s Report in my mailbox recently. A report by the people? Had I somehow been taken back in time to the Soviet era by a cosmic wrench? Or had I been sent all the way to Red China? What was this document that contained language reminiscent to Marxism that I received? It was disappointing, but not surprising, to learn that it was Assemblywoman Shrestha’s flyer.

The flier diligently listed the numerous subjects that were deemed to be either state accomplishments or impending catastrophes. An example:

The New York Health Act is a piece of legislation intended to establish a single payer system. Every time that government healthcare system has been attempted, hasn’t it failed? Canadians who require extensive care come to the US.

Last year, 790 new bills were approved. Although I haven’t read them, I believe they did more to limit and control our freedom than to expand it.

There exist fully electric buildings and the pursuit of renewable energy sources to power everything. It is not possible to discuss the shortcomings of these schemes here, but these actions are unworkable and motivated by ideology.

There are articles about Central Hudson being beaten up over a rate hike, but when the Democrats—Senator Hinchey, Assemblywoman Barrett, and retiring Assemblyman Cahill—delivered a Christmas 22 gift to themselves—a pay increase of 29 percent, or $32,000 per year—while we were struggling, there was little debate.

Why is the one-party system maintained under the Democratic Party’s control?

Rex S. Bridges, New York City

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