Home News Lawsuit seeks to keep Robert Kennedy Jr. off ballot in New York

Lawsuit seeks to keep Robert Kennedy Jr. off ballot in New York

Lawsuit seeks to keep Robert Kennedy Jr. off ballot in New York
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Photo courtesy of Kennedy24 campaign.

PUCKHKEEPSIE Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Nicole Shanahan, his vice presidential candidate, are the targets of a complaint that was submitted to the Dutchess County Supreme Court on Monday, June 10. The case aims to prevent them from being included on the ballot in New York for the election in November.

Kennedy established the political organization We the People in order to compete for president on an independent ticket in November.

The lawsuit claims that the independent We the People political party’s nomination petitions, which name former President John F. Kennedy’s nephew Kennedy, and Californian lawyer Shanahan as nominees, are purposefully false because Kennedy does not, as the petitions state, reside in Katonah, New York. Kennedy has acknowledged that she lives in Los Angeles, California, according to the plaintiffs. According to the lawsuit, Kennedy, the former Democrat and creator of Riverkeeper, is impersonating a New Yorker by using a friend’s Katonah address. Kennedy is being deceitfully presented as a hometown candidate by this lie, which also hides from New York voters a major constitutional issue that exists with the campaign.

The lawsuit, which was filed by lawyer Howard Colton and the Kaplan Hecker & Fink law firm, alleges that a constitutional clause prohibits a ticket from receiving any Electoral College votes from a state in which both the presidential and vice presidential candidates reside. The Kennedy-Shanahan ticket is not entitled to the 54 Electoral College votes that California has, the largest block in the nation, because both candidates, according to the lawsuit, reside there.

For a variety of reasons, the lawsuit also calls into doubt the legitimacy of over 100,000 signatures on the petitions.

Edward McLoughlin, the acting justice of the Dutchess County Supreme Court, has withdrawn from the case for private reasons.

A request for response from Mid Hudson News was not immediately answered by the Kennedy campaign.

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